Upcoming 2020 flooring trends to watch

Redesigning your flooring is a fantastic way to revitalise the atmosphere and interior design of your home, office or business. Like fashion, flooring styles follow trends and what was once deemed popular one year is different the next. So this year we are looking at some new flooring trends that are sweeping the nation.


For this year, you can expect to see a surge in non-traditional wood colouring, with homeowners seeking a bold impact. This is not the impact that people were looking for in the 1970s but impact in terms of bold looks while still maintaining a timeless feel.

  • Dark stained wood floors — Ranging from espresso browns to deep blacks, these floors create a striking contrast against white walls or furnishings. While beautiful, this style can make rooms look smaller and is more likely to show dust, it’s best suited to large spaces. The Hardwood Flooring Store has a wide range of dark-stained flooring to choose from.
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  • Blonde wood floors — From one extreme to the next, light blonde flooring is a potential classic in 2020. This clean approach can make any space seem bigger and brighter, particularly when subjected to natural light.
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  • Grey floors — Proving to be more than a passing fad, the neutral calming effect of grey floors continues to be a popular trend in modern households, particularly with homely, low-sheen finishes. This is really the in colour as grey goes well with all colours and has a timeless appeal. A laminate oak would look nice in any front room or bedroom.
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Walnut continues to grow in popularity and presence, due to its strength and unique look. Hardwood flooring is an attractive feature to prospective home-buyers. For this reason, walnut wood flooring tends to increase the value of a home. Provided you look after them, you get a better return on investment when you choose hardwood flooring over carpeting or laminate flooring. This alone is often enough to convince many people to get this type of hardwood.


Texture will be growing in importance, with a desire for hardwoods with distinct hand-crafted looks, like hand-scraped or wire-brushed finishes.

This trend is carrying through to laminate preferences, with many options mimicking the reclaimed wood look. This offers a unique, rustic, and textured look, while being a stain-resistant and cost-effective alternative to genuine hardwood flooring.


Next year will see continued demand for wider, longer hardwood planks. These are an ideal contribution to the texture trend, as wider planks create a unified canvas for the inherent aesthetic of the timber, such as knots and grain.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, you might enjoy the slightly more dated trend of laying planks in a unique formation; diagonal lines can add interest to even small rooms, while a herringbone pattern can be a striking style for businesses.

Whatever selection you do make, the Hardwood Flooring Store is the best location to find that perfect on-trend flooring style that you have always wanted.

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