How to deal with the price of hardwood flooring from different vendors

Eric Anderson
3 min readJun 19, 2020


“Your price is too high,” “XYZ company offered it for much cheaper,” or “This is outside of our budget”? Sometimes it’s true and it really is outside of your limited (and in some cases, unrealistic) budget, but homes and floors do cost money, and if you are in the game for a new floor, we have to have this conversation.

Make sure you are always comparing apples to apples. More so, you are comparing the exact same product, and we don’t mean just hard maple to hard maple. Manufacturers don’t sell to the public, they sell through distributors. So that means you can find the exact same product in multiple shops. This is what you need to compare. Comparing a Hard Maple product made in China is not the same thing as a hard maple floor made by Preverco in Canada.

Here are some tips for mitigating price objection when talking to someone about taking on a new hardwood flooring project:

  1. Ask why the cost is what it is

If the flooring vendor is experienced and professional you will likely get a lot of information about the technology that goes into the floors, the quality of the materials, the finish on the floor and the proper user of the floor. There really is a difference between a Walnut floor at $8.49 a square foot and an Oak floor for $3.99. Both are great floors and have their own values at their respective prices.

2. Is the flooring company professional

You need to take into account many elements of professionalism. Is the person you are talking to knowledgeable? How long have they been working in hardwood flooring and what experience do they have. Can the company that you are buying from offer you value from beginning to end. A good place to buy your next hardwood flooring should be from a company that can answer all these questions with ease.

3. Get a reference

Chances are you know people who have had their floors done, ask them who they used and how it went. You can always check out online references, they do have value, but take them with a grain of salt. Read at least 5 or 6 and you should get an idea of what to expect.

Always work with a company that can get you the best price and value for what you are looking to do. If one store is selling the floor you want for $4.99/ft and we are selling it for the same price. Ask these questions…

  1. How quickly can you get it for us
  2. Can you provide installation and at what cost
  3. Look at the all in cost (floor, additional materials, installation)

At the hardwood flooring store we carry a large inventory so we can get the job started right away, if we don’t have it, we can get it within a week. We have an amazing team that installs our products at costs that are far less than hiring most contractors. Our all in price is usually the best in the market if you are truly comparing apples to apples.

Please come and see our showroom and ask us how we can help you.

There are over 100 choices of solid and engineered hardwood flooring items in stock in our liquidation division. Most of the items are high quality Canadian and American products that have been discontinued or are from a recently bankrupt top Canadian manufacturer.

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Eric Anderson

Eric is a blog writer for the Hardwood Flooring Store and has a vast knowledge of the hardwood flooring industry.