Environmentally friendly tips when selecting new floors

We all want to do our part to take care of the planet. You would not think it possible when it comes to flooring but there are steps you can take to ensure that your choices will impact the environment at little as possible.

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Step 1: Think Recycled

When possible choose materials that contained recycled materials or were harvested with sustainability in mind. In this bloggers opinion it is better to pay a little bit more money for a quality hardwood floor from a supplier that doesn’t clear cut forests or harvest illegally.

Step 2: The future

Ask your friendly sales associate at the Hardwood Flooring Store, what happens to your floors once their life span is up. Can they be recycled? Our landfills are full and anything we can do to reduce the damage in the future is welcomed.

Step 3: Policies are important

It might seem trivial but ask about the manufacturers environmental policy. Some companies like Lumber Liquidators might offer cheap flooring but their operating policies are anything but environmentally friendly. A company that takes the time to write down their stance on environment is at least thinking about their impact on future generations

Step 4: Beware the vintage

Those reclaimed floors might look great and you think you are doing mother nature a solid but sometimes those floors could be hiding a dirty secret. Back in the good ole days, environmental and health laws were less strict and as a results some floors ended up getting coated with harmful varnishes, paints, and glues. They might look good but over the long run they are doing more damage to your health and releasing dangerous fumes into the air. Best to dispose of them in the friendliest way possible.

Step 5: Cleaning

Buy a low maintenance floor. Hardwood floors are by there very nature, low maintenance, but the softer and cheaper types will require you to sand and refinish more often than the harder more expensive versions.

Need more advice? Ask your Hardwood Flooring Store sales associate. They know everything there is to know about hardwood floors.

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If you are considering hardwood floor, give maple a good look. It could be one of the best investments you may go for.

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